The Beach Buggy

Date: 2016-08-22 - Categories: Maker

My daughter is a wheelchair user, and loves being on the beach, right at the sea’s edge, but getting a wheelchair that close to the sea is at best a struggle, and at worst impossible; the thin wheels are pretty useless on anything more “off road” than short grass. So having seen this article on Hackaday, and with a beach side holiday approaching, I decided to have a go at building one.

The build

The Buggy is made from 32mm PVC pipe, typically used for waste pipe plumbing from sinks, the following fittings were used, 90 elbow, 135 Tees, standard tees, 135 elbows. The wheels are pink wheelbarrow wheels, and the axles are 12mm studding (also called threaded rod). The seat is from an old Kampa high back camping chair, and is attached to the top of the buggy with large wooden dowels and then tied on with para cord.

The finished buggy